eClincher has promise, but does it deliver? [app review]

After using Buffer for what seems like forever, last year I decided to upgrade to their Awesome Plan. This allowed me to:

  • Post to multiple profiles, pages and groups instead of only one per social network
  • Add up to 100 posts to each queue instead of only 10
  • Schedule posts to Pinterest

It was wonderful, but at some point I realized wasn’t posting as often as I had been. In fact, it was rare for any of my queues to have more than 10 posts in them. I was debating whether it was still a worthwhile an investment for me when I received an offer from AppSumo for a social media scheduling tool called eClincher.

The deal was $49.00 lifetime access to a plan valued at $144.00 per year. Although I’d never heard of eClincher, I couldn’t resist, because it meant I’d be able to cancel my Buffer Awesome subscription.

My first impressions of eClincher

It seemed pretty promising. The only accounts I wasn’t able to integrate were Instagram, my personal Facebook profile, and my Facebook groups.

I was pleased to discover some eClincher features that aren’t available with Buffer:

  • Creating publishing groups, so if you generally post the exact same content to multiple places (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ pages), you can do so without selecting them individually
  • Scheduling posts for multiple time slots, or to repeat daily for up to 7 days, weekly for up to 4 weeks, or monthly for the next 12 months
  • Access to photo and GIF libraries to easily attach images to your posts
  • Clicking to design an image using Canva (I’m not a big Canva user so I haven’t actually used this feature, but it might be valuable for you)

I found it slower and clunkier to use than Buffer, but told myself it was okay because of all the money I was saving.

They may have similar features, but social media scheduling tools are NOT created equal!Click To Tweet

What I don’t like about eClincher

The more I used eClincher, the more ways I found it inferior to Buffer.

  1. It takes much longer for the browser extension to work when sharing a blog post or other web page.
  2. The app itself is also somewhat slow and clunky to use.
  3. Buffer integrates with Twitter in such a way that it comes up as a sharing option when you use someone’s “Click to Tweet” (like the blue box above) – eClincher doesn’t.
  4. You have to choose a time for each and every post – you can’t create a schedule and simply add them to your queue. Actually you can, if you upgrade your account. Since my reason for switching was purely financial, I wasn’t interested in doing that.

In a few weeks, my cost for purchasing eClincher will be approximately the same as if I’d continued to use the Buffer Awesome Plan. At that point, I’m seriously thinking of writing this off to experience and going back to my favorite social media scheduling tool.

You might do social media scheduling differently than I do, so if you’d like to find out if eClincher is right for you, sign up for a free 14-day trial on their website.

Even though this impulse buy didn’t work out for me, AppSumo is a great place to find incredible deals on apps, information products, and more. Visit their website to see their current offer (affiliate link – see my Disclosure Policy).

Let’s talk!

What social media scheduling tool(s) do you use? What do you like and dislike about it?


  1. I haven’t heard from eClincher. Thanks for the information, Janet.

    For my admin clients, they all prefer Facebook page scheduler and HootSuite. Since I do their social media post for them, I figured it made sense to stick with it. I found that Facebook doesn’t allow your posts to be shown to many viewers when you use a 3rd party tool. So, I advised my clients just to use the Facebook scheduler to schedule these posts instead of a 3rd party scheduler. Now, I only use Hootsuite for G+, T, and L. I don’t use the Instagram feature in HootSuite because I read that Instagram doesn’t prefer them.

    For Pinterest, this year, I started using Tailwind and Ahalogy and both work pretty well as schedulers. They are also fun to use because they give you suggests on what to post depending on your interests. =)

    • One of the best things about eClincher is that it allows you to post to so many social networks instead of just a select few, or one profile from a few different sites.

      I’ve also heard that Facebook gives preference to posts that are scheduled directly in Facebook, but my own results don’t reflect that. I use Buffer to post to Instagram, and my photos are ‘liked’ by a lot of people, including many who don’t follow me, so I’m not convinced that using these tools are a barrier to visibility.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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