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Interact Quiz Builder

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Earlier this year, I received an email from Josh Haynam, founder of Interact quiz builder, inviting me to join his partner program. I love taking quizzes, and could see how they’d be a great tool for generating email subscriptions, so I gladly accepted.

Three quiz types are available:

Assessment Quiz

The assessment is designed to be a fun way to test one’s knowledge, with only one correct answer for each question. “How financially literate are you?” is one example.

Scored Quiz

With this type of quiz, each answer has a score value associated with it. The quiz taker’s total score will put them into a particular range. “How much do you actually know about online marketing?” would be an example of a scored quiz.

Personality Quiz

Quizzes where the answers reveal the person’s personality type are very popular. One example is “What sort of retiree will you be?”

Creating a Quiz

The above examples are only three of the hundreds of premade quizzes that are available. You’re welcome to use them as is, or customize them to fit your branding and your target audience. I decided to create my own quiz from scratch so I could explore all the different options.

I combined my marketing knowledge with my experience working with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to create my own quiz, “What’s Your Content Marketing Personality?” Go ahead – try it!

The app guides you through the process of creating your quiz, making it easy to use. As shown in the above screenshot, there are four major steps.

Branding & Styling

Give your quiz the same look and feel as your website by clicking to choose the colors for your background, font, and button, or entering the hex codes if you know them. You can even match your typeface, whether it’s from Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit, or is a classic font.

Questions & Results

This is the “meat” of your quiz, where you enter the questions, possible answers, and tie them to the outcomes.


If you want to use your quiz as a lead magnet for your email list, you’ll be pleased to know that Interact integrates with over 20 different email marketing services, including Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, and my personal favorite, Mailchimp.

Share & Embed

Once you’ve created your quiz, you can add it to your website using the Interact plugin for WordPress. Non-WordPress users can copy and paste the embed code to their web page.

What I like about Interact

As I mentioned earlier, it’s easy to create a quiz – and it’s easy to make changes later, too.

The app is directly connected to Pixabay, so you can search for and add an appropriate photo to each question and result, as well as a cover image for your quiz. Visuals just make your quiz that much more engaging!

While you’re working on your quiz, you can preview it and test it out before you publish it. This lets you make sure it’s working before it goes live, and ensures that your tests don’t affect your statistics.

Speaking of stats, reports are available right in your dashboard, so you don’t have to guess whether your quiz is getting results. The graph shows the number of views, starts, completions, and leads, as well as the conversion rate.

What I don’t like

Here in Canada, the law states that we must use double opt-in. It makes sense to me, because it’s the only way to know that nobody is signing someone else up for your newsletter. The downside is that quiz takers are able to see their results even if they don’t confirm their subscription.

For that reason, I decided not to use my quiz as my primary lead magnet, but I still consider it a valuable marketing tool, as more than half of those who have completed the quiz are now on my mailing list. In addition, because of the nature of the quiz, there’s a strong possibility that people will share their results on social media, helping to generate traffic and build my brand.

This also means that the conversion rate shown in the dashboard is somewhat inflated, as it includes people who completed the quiz but didn’t complete the double opt-in process.

Of course, you can avoid those issues by using a single opt-in process, if it’s allowed where you live.

What’s next?

A number of new features have been added just in the few months since I signed up, so I’m looking forward to seeing what else they come up with.

So far, I’ve only explored Interact’s quiz building app, but I’m planning to try the Giveaway and Poll apps in the near future. I’ve got some more quiz ideas up my sleeve as well!

It’s your turn!

Want to launch your own quiz? Click on the graphic to give Interact a try. You don’t pay until you integrate it with your email marketing service!

Try Interact for free

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    • It’s a tough decision! Another factor to consider is that some email services won’t allow you to import your subscribers from another service if they weren’t double opt-in.

  1. I love quizzes and of course had to try yours. Not sure I agree totally with the results, but it was fun answering or thinking about the questions you were asking. I’ve never tried making a quiz to engage followers, but it’s something that will be interesting to consider. Thank you once again, Janet, for always finding unique tools to share.

    • Linda, I’d love to know what result you received, if you wouldn’t mind sending me an email. It’s mainly meant to be fun, but I’d like to know if anything is off.

  2. I made a quiz on Interact and the results just aren’t working. I’ve tried everything- at first, everyone was getting the same result; and now no result pops up it just says “retake quiz” at the end. Not sure what I’m doing wrong! Interact doesn’t have any contact information, either, which is frustrating- they just have some how-to articles and none of them help troubleshoot. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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