The Happiness Project

So far my 2015 Reading Challenge is right on track. Yes, I realize it’s still January, but I’ve completed the first challenge: a book I’ve been meaning to read. I first heard of Gretchen Rubin and her happiness project in 2008, when my friend Alex Fayle interviewed her for his Someday Syndrome blog. After the […]

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Ten Years

Since I’m a big fan of romantic comedies, whether novels or movies, it was no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed reading What Alice Forgot. It hooked me in very quickly (the quote I used in my last post came from page 6) and held my interest not just because of the story and characters, but because […]

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I wish I could create a Restore point when I’m knitting, for those times when I totally mess things up.

We’re all in the end-of-our-life book club, whether we acknowledge it or not; each book we read may well be the last, each conversation the final one.

Will Schwalbe, The End of Your Life Book Club


When do you feel grown up?

My mom passed away a couple of months before I turned 40. Not too long before that, I told her I’d always thought 40 would feel more grown up than this. She smiled, knowingly. That’s the first time I clued in that age really is just a number. We are who we are, and even […]

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I love a good challenge!

I joined Goodreads late in 2010, and loved the way it allowed me to organize my past, current, and future reading activities, as well as the social aspects of the site. During 2011 I noticed that other members of the site were in a reading challenge where they set a goal to read a certain […]

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I just don’t have the time” often means “I just don’t have the self-discipline.

Winifred Gallagher, Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life

Happy New Year

In many ways, January 1st is just like any other day. And yet it’s not. When I used a paper planner, a new year meant a fresh new book full of blank pages to be filled. That’s one of the things I miss, now that my calendar is on my computer (and synch’d with my […]

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Looking forward to many exciting things in the new year!

Merry Christmas

These salt and pepper shakers belonged to my grandparents and are probably older than I am. One of my favourite parts of this season is bringing out treasures like this and remembering times spent with loved ones. It’s interesting how every family has its own traditions. I was quite surprised when I later learned that […]

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Happy 20th Anniversary, Book Club Babes!

This month I had the joy of attending a very special celebration — the 20th anniversary of my book club. I don’t know how long most book clubs last, but I think 20 years is quite an achievement, especially considering the fact that four of the current six members have been there since the start. […]

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Don’t sit back and be a bystander of your own life.

Caprice Crane, Forget About It