About Me

I created my first website shortly after discovering the Internet in the late 1990s. On “Jan’s Helpful Home Page” I posted household management tips and invited people to send me their challenges. Although I was thrilled to receive an email from a reader, it would be several years before I considered starting a business, and even longer before I discovered blogging.

When I eventually got the itch to start my own business, I worked as a career consultant, professional organizer, productivity consultant, and virtual assistant, before realizing that my true passion is working with WordPress.

These days, my greatest reward is helping organizers, resume writers, coaches, consultants, therapists, professional associations and others achieve their business goals. Some of my clients have been with me for over a decade!

When I'm away from my desk, I love reading, photography, watching movies, and cooking. My husband Scott and I have one dog, two sons and four grandchildren.

Janet Barclay - standing
Julie Bestry

Julie Bestry of Best Results Organizing says...

Janet is a powerhouse

Whether you are knowledgeable about site maintenance but don’t have the time, panicked and/or clueless about web design or how to keep your site running, or need a partner to bring your dream to fruition, Janet has what it takes, and delivers with expertise, timeliness, and a sense of calm.

When you reach out to Janet, you’ll feel like you’ve put yourself in the hands of someone you can trust implicitly, and nowadays, that’s really saying something!

My Story

  • 1999

    When I transitioned from a full-time, stressful government job to a more laid back position working only 30 hours a week, I started a side business as a career and organizing consultant. I wasn’t motivated by money so much as the opportunity to keep busy doing something I enjoyed. Then one day, my world was turned upside down.

  • 2004

    First, my husband’s income decreased suddenly, forcing us to sell our house and move to a rental apartment. Shortly afterwards, the program I worked for was shut down with only a few weeks’ notice, and I was compelled to take another job within the company, one I’d been offered previously but declined. It was even worse than I expected. I disliked the work intensely, and my new manager didn’t respect me. Some mornings I left home with tears in my eyes.

  • 2005

    In the meantime, I’d added web design and marketing to my services, and discovered that this was my true passion. I was no longer satisfied just to run my business on the side, but although my new job was only 20 hours a week, it didn’t offer the flexibility I needed to grow my business. With no mortgage looming over me, I decided the time was right to quit my job and go “all in.” It was finally time to get serious! I won’t lie and say it happened overnight, but I successfully built the business of my dreams.

  • NOW

    After over 15 years of full-time self-employment, I’d never dream of going back to a “real job.” During this time, I’ve seen many women struggle to get their own businesses off the ground, and sadly, not all of them have made it. I can’t help everyone, but it brings me great joy to use the knowledge and insight I’ve gained through managing my own business to help others to succeed.

Andrea Sharb

Andrea Sharb, Professional Certified Coach says...

Janet is my expert

I love that Janet is there to help me navigate the WordPress world! Even though I built and have managed my own websites for years, things come up from time to time that require the input of an expert. Janet is my expert. I find these 15-30 minute sessions with Janet can save me hours and any charge is money well spent!

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