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I'm Janet Barclay. This is my blog.

This is my space to share helpful tips for enhancing your website. My passion for blogging goes way back to 2006, and from time to time, I also delve into other business topics and personal interests.

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Everything is Connected:
The Value of Networking & The Butterfly Effect

butterfly effect

Enhance Your Life with Free Resources from Four Amazing Women

free resources

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

Computer screen showing LATEST UPDATE

The Successful Salesperson

door to door sales

How to find the best WordPress theme for your business

choosing a WordPress theme

Money Management for Solopreneurs

A photo of a piggy bank representing money management

Have you fallen out of love with your website?

Photo of a woman looking at a computer screen, clearly not happy with what she sees

Will 2024 be your year to shine?


Happy Everything

Wishing you all the joys of the season - Janet Barclay

Planning for Your Best Year Ever

Business woman celebrating her best year ever

Join me for a cup of tea!

Tea set with tulips

Using Your Keywords

using keywords in website content