Website Care Plans

Launching your website is just the beginning!

Your WordPress site needs ongoing maintenance to keep it secure and running smoothly, and regular updates to keep it relevant to your target audience.

To learn more why this is important, read my blog post, Why Website Maintenance Will Make You More Successful.

You have better things to do with your time, so let me and my team keep your site secure and up-to-date for you!

website care

All of my Care Plans include:

Daily offsite backups, so we can quickly restore your site if anything goes wrong

Weekly WordPress and plugin updates, to take advantage of security patches and feature enhancements

Weekly database optimization and performance monitoring, to reduce errors and optimize load times

Ongoing security monitoring, to protect your site from hackers

Easy to read weekly reports, showing you what's been done and the status of your site

Yearly license renewal for premium plugins and themes, saving you time and money *

Opportunities to promote your business and your expertise

* Some restrictions apply. See FAQ section below for details.

Choose the Care Plan that's right for you:

Peace of Mind

$55 / Month (or less*)
  • For businesses that prefer to do their own content updates
  • Everything listed above, PLUS...
  • Up to 1 hour / year for content or other updates included *
  • Strategy sessions available at $70 / up to 30 minutes
  • Additional updates or other services billed at $65 / hour

Helping Hand

$125 / Month (or less*)
  • For businesses that prefer to outsource content updates
  • Everything listed above, PLUS...
  • Up to 1 hour / month for content or other updates included
  • Strategy sessions available at $65 / up to 30 minutes
  • Additional updates or other services billed at $60 / hour


$450 / Month (or less*)
  • For businesses that want a strategic marketing partner
  • Everything listed above, PLUS...
  • Up to 5 hours / month for content or other updates included
  • Monthly strategy session up to 30 minutes included
  • Additional updates or other services billed at $55 / hour

*  Pay yearly and get 1 hour of additional support plus 2 months free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Care Plan?

A Care Plan lets you sleep better at night, knowing that your site is running smoothly and protected from malware, hackers, and other hazards.

Why can't I just manage my own website?

You can! But is it really the best use of your time? Or would you be better off focusing on what you do best - and makes you money?

Can I be on one of your Care Plans if you didn't build my website?

In most cases, yes.

Before getting started, I'll need to do a Website Evaluation so I can see how your site was built and if there are any current issues that need to be addressed. 

What premium themes and plugins are included in your Care Plans?

If I've built your website, most premium themes and plugins will be covered. If something very specialized is needed, your license renewal may be subject to an additional charge, but I'll let you know that up front.

I am not responsible for the cost of renewing themes or plugins purchased prior to signing on with me.

What if my website is hacked or stops working?

Subscribing to a Care Plan is the best way to protect your site, but if something does go wrong, I'll do what it takes to get it back up and running. In the unlikely event that disaster recovery services are needed, you'll pay a reduced fee on the cost of such services.

Will your Care Plan help me if something has already happened to my website?

I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your site before you purchase the Care Plan, but I can arrange for your site to be restored at a special rate if you purchase a Care Plan at the same time.

May I cancel at any time?

I would hate to see you go, but as a business owner I understand that your needs may change. Simply send me an email and your plan will be terminated before your next billing date. 

May I roll over my hours if I don't use them up?

My schedule is arranged around the time included in your plan and therefore your hours may not be rolled over.

I am sooo pleased with Janet’s work!

Stephanie Clark

I admit to being technologically challenged, and finally had to give in and hire an expert to help me with my two WordPress blogs. After checking out a few other recommended experts, I hired Janet. (She sold me when she said she “sleeps, dreams, and breathes WordPress”!)

I was totally amazed, not only with the reasonable fee, but with the quick work, detailed emails of work progress, friendly service, and expert advice. If you need help with those technical details, don’t waste time trying (over and over, I know, I’ve done it!) to do it yourself, hire Janet. You’ll be delighted, I am certain.

Stephanie Clark
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