Website Care Plans

I’ve been working with WordPress for over 10 years and has it ever changed!

Once a simple blogging platform, WordPress is now so powerful and flexible that it’s been chosen for 40% of the world’s websites.

All that advanced technology needs to be maintained to keep working properly. Gone are the days when you could just check for updates once in a while. As your Website Caregiver, I eliminate stress by looking after all of that for you!

All of my Care Plans include:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting

    With my fast, secure and reliable hosting service, you never have to worry about downtime!

  • Nightly Backups

    Stored offsite, so we can quickly restore your site if anything goes wrong, even in the unlikely event the server crashes

  • Premium Plugins

    Get more bang for your buck with award-winning performance, security, marketing and SEO plugins

  • Web Application Firewall

    Protect your investment by stopping malicious traffic before it reaches your site

  • Weekly Maintenance

    WordPress, theme, and plugin updates, to take advantage of security patches and feature enhancements

  • Regular Monitoring

    Ongoing security, uptime and performance monitoring, to make sure your site is safe and that people can access it

  • Weekly Reports

    Easy to read reports, showing you the work that's been completed, page speed, uptime, and other data about your website

  • Promotional Opportunities

    Curated media queries for your area of expertise

Jill Annis, Simply Organized

Jill Annis of Simply Organized says...

I love the peace of mind you offer!

Thank you for all that you do to help me with my website. I really do enjoy working with you plus I love the peace of mind you offer!  Your advice is always appreciated.

Janet Schiesl

Janet Schiesl of Basic Organization says...

Yes. Yes. Yes. You need a web site care plan.

Janet is great at teaching you the basics but she knows so much more. Just her monitoring of your site alone is worth it, but she’s available to help with anything beyond your skills. I love it.

Do you need services that aren't listed above?


I recommend:

Helping Hand Care Plan

  • Pay $140 / month OR get two months free when you pay $1400 / year *
  • Includes up to one hour / month to use wherever you need it: design changes, content updates, adding blog posts, one-on-one sessions, etc.
  • Additional services may be purchased at a discounted rate of $60 / hour

* Includes my Bronze Hosting Plan, which meets the needs of most of my clients. Silver and Gold Hosting Plans are available for larger eCommerce, eLearning, and membership sites.


Kathy Stone of Calgary Photo Solutions says...

Peace of mind is priceless!

Janet’s Website Care Plan is great! Knowing that someone is monitoring my site, making sure everything is updated and working properly on a weekly basis has relieved all the anxiety I had about looking after my website, freeing up my time to work with my clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure you can! But wouldn't your time be better spent doing what you do best - and makes you money?

In most cases, yes.

Before getting started, I'll need to do a Website Evaluation so I can see how your site was built and if there are any current issues that need to be addressed. 

If I've built your website, most premium themes and plugins will be covered. If something very specialized is needed, your license renewal may be subject to an additional charge, but I'll let you know that up front.

I am not responsible for the cost of renewing themes or plugins purchased prior to signing on with me.

I'd hate to see you go, but as a business owner I understand that your needs may change. Simply send me an email and your plan will be terminated before your next billing date. You would be then responsible for obtaining your own license for any premium plugins covered by your Care Plan.

Subscribing to a Care Plan is the best way to protect your site, but if something does go wrong, I'll do what it takes to get it back up and running. In the unlikely event that disaster recovery services are needed, you'll pay a reduced fee on the cost of such services.

I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your site before you purchase the Care Plan, but I can arrange for your site to be restored at a special rate if you purchase a Care Plan at the same time.

Add new blog posts or other new content. Update existing content. Add new features. Tweak your design. Meet with me for a one-on-one training or strategy session. In other words, however you like!

You may roll over your hours and they won't expire as long as you maintain your Care Plan.