Looking forward to many exciting things in the new year!

Merry Christmas

These salt and pepper shakers belonged to my grandparents and are probably older than I am. One of my favourite parts of this season is bringing out treasures like this and remembering times spent with loved ones. It’s interesting how every family has its own traditions. I was quite surprised when I later learned that […]

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Happy 20th Anniversary, Book Club Babes!

This month I had the joy of attending a very special celebration — the 20th anniversary of my book club. I don’t know how long most book clubs last, but I think 20 years is quite an achievement, especially considering the fact that four of the current six members have been there since the start. […]

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Don’t sit back and be a bystander of your own life.

Caprice Crane, Forget About It

The Resurrection

In 2006 I reluctantly started my first blog, From the Desk of Janet Barclay, and discovered a passion for writing I never realized I had. Back then I blogged about both business and personal topics. Eventually many of the posts became outdated, so I decided to take them down and focus on my other blogs: […]

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