Fun with Photoshop Elements

The sun shining through the fog

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I’ve been using Photoshop Elements for nearly nine years to edit photos to be used on client websites and for the last year or two, to make Pinterest-worthy blog images. Now that I’m getting back into photography, I’m eager to explore some of its other possibilities.

This project began with the above photo of the sun shining through the fog on Monday morning. I liked it, but knew it was lacking something. I felt it would be much more interesting if there was a bird in the tree (which there often is).

That reminded me of this photo I’d taken about 10 days earlier to see what I could capture with my zoom lens.

An uninspiring photo of a crow in a tree

Although the photo itself was far from exciting, I began to see the possibilities. I removed the background and sized down the crow so I could add it to the tree in my original shot.

A crow sitting on the branch of a tree as the sun peeks through the fog

My husband wondered how it would look with the tree full of birds, so I added a couple more.

I used Photoshop Elements to add the crows to this otherwise humdrum photo.

Which version do you like best?

And what is your opinion of this type of photo manipulation? Is it cheating? Or no different than an artist who adds elements to a painting which weren’t in the actual scene?

Casual Photo of Janet Barclay

Janet Barclay

I eliminate stress for my clients by hosting, monitoring, and maintaining their WordPress sites so they don’t have to worry about security, downtime or performance issues. When I’m away from my desk, I enjoy reading, photography, cooking, watching movies, drinking tea, and spending time with my family.

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  1. Kathy Stinson on December 19, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Janet, I was impressed with the first shot of the tree. The light through the bare branches, and where the light sits in the photo, is lovely. Then I was impressed that you could do what you did with the bird.

    I like the tree with one bird in it very much, more than the tree with three birds in it, I think in part because the colour in the photo lends itself more to the idea of ‘solitude’.

    I think post-processing is part of the art of photography. As with any artistic endeavour, the result can be pleasing, or not, to different people, and it can take a long time to become skilled at one’s practice.

    So glad you’re sharing your work here, Janet.

    • Janet Barclay on December 20, 2015 at 11:34 am

      Thanks, Kathy! I appreciate your feedback and encouragement.

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