Digital Marketing Services

Maximize your online presence with a consistent brand image!

digital marketingMake sure everything you post has the same look and feel as your website:

  • MailChimp templates
  • Cover images for your social media profiles and pages
  • Quote images for you to share with your network
  • Sourcing and formatting images for your blog

Additional Services:

  • Proofreading and editing blog posts and newsletters
  • Publishing or scheduling posts on your blog
  • Managing your editorial calendar or newsletter publishing schedule
  • Crafting compelling blog posts from your outlines or previously created work
  • Formatting and scheduling your email campaigns in MailChimp

Are you a do-it-yourselfer in need of a little help?

Schedule a one-on-one strategy session, and I’ll answer your questions or walk you through the steps that are confusing you.

Professionalism, integrity and positive attitude

Hellen Buttigieg

Janet’s services have been an integral part of my success; they have freed me up so that I can use my talents to grow my business. Even though she has countless clients, she always makes me feel like I’m her only client when I work with her. Her professionalism, integrity and positive attitude make her a pleasure to work with.

Hellen Buttigieg
TV Host, Author and Life Coach