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Can an E-learning or Membership Site help you grow your business?

By Janet Barclay | August 25, 2021 |

As a consultant or coach, you naturally want to help people. You can’t help everyone though! There’s only so much of you to go around – and not everyone can pay your fees. Online courses and membership sites allow you to: offer an affordable option to clients with smaller budgets support clients who prefer to work independently create an additional stream of income You can also offer a free course as an incentive to sign up for your mailing list, or use a membership platform to restrict access to certain articles or downloads to paying clients. Getting Started with Online…

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It’s all about Clarity

clear view from my office window

Since 2014, I’ve chosen a single word to sum up my vision for the year, and posted it on my blog. Although I didn’t formally announce it, my word for this year is Clarity. Here’s where I felt clarity was lacking. My Online Presence: My husband, Scott, has been working with me since 2007, and we…

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

One of the great things about being self-employed is that you can pick and choose the type of work you do. When you work for someone else, if your boss asks you to do something you don’t particularly enjoy, you don’t really have much say in the matter, but when it’s your own business, you…

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Social Networking: Introversion vs. Extraversion

social networking facebook

As an introvert, I’ve never really been part of a large group of friends, but I have had many close friends throughout my life. Generally speaking, I have formed close relationships with people who have been part of my daily life at the time, whether it be at school, work, or another organization. Very often,…

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Playing Extravert

job fair

Last year, one of my clients recommended me as a virtual assistant to one of her contacts. When I spoke with her, she was in the midst of a large project and already had admin support in place, so we agreed that we would connect again once that project was complete. She quickly realized she…

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