A Website Makeover for one of Canada’s Top Resume Writers

Do you find it difficult to toot your own horn?

I didn’t think I did, but I’ve been promising a “recent project showcase” to my newsletter subscribers for a couple of months now yet have been holding back for some reason. Not wanting to break my word, I’ve bit the bullet and am thrilled to share this with you today.


Earlier this year, Adrienne Tom of Career Impressions contacted me about a website makeover after hearing glowing recommendations from her colleagues. She already had a website with a separate blog but was ready for a new site that would combine the two into a powerful marketing and communications tool.

Career Impressions old website

Some of her specific needs included:

  • A way to capture visitors’ email addresses
  • A contact form to help screen potential clients
  • A storefront for her digital products

She also wanted to ensure that prospective clients could understand how her resume process works, see samples of her work, and determine whether she would be a good fit for them.

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Adrienne supplied me with all of the content for her new site, including photos, text, and digital downloads, and I prepared a schedule for the various phases of the project so we would both be on the same page.

In addition to regular emails, we had frequent meetings by telephone or on Zoom to review what had been completed and discuss revisions. Adrienne’s involvement in and commitment to the process allowed me to not only stay on schedule, but actually launch the site a week earlier than planned!


Career Impressions new website by Janet Barclay

I am very pleased with Adrienne’s beautiful new website – and more importantly, so is she!

A comfortable, thoughtful, and supportive experience

I selected Janet for two reasons. The first was due to her excellent reputation in my network and industry. Janet works closely with Career Professionals of Canada (CPC), and several CPC members spoke very highly of Janet to me when I asked. It was important for me to partner with a web designer who had an understanding of my industry and had a strong reputation with delivery. The second reason was I felt like Janet made a great effort to get to know me and my requirements from the very start. I felt heard, and this increased trust and communication.

Overall, Janet made the website development process easy and stress-free. I felt comfortable asking questions, and I appreciated her responsiveness and easy-going nature. Overall, the new website has achieved all of my expectations, and I will not hesitate to recommend her to others. 

Adrienne Tom
Career Impressions


Her mailing list is growing weekly, and her open rate of 50% shows that her subscribers are engaged and likely a good fit for her. More importantly, business is booming and she’s receiving a steady flow of inquiries about her services.

Now that her new website is up and running, Adrienne has subscribed to my Peace of Mind Care Plan so instead of dealing with technical issues, she can spend her time serving her clients and marketing her business.

Are you thinking about a website makeover or a brand new website? Let’s talk soon!

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