Challenges of the Introverted Blogger

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When I was a regular contributor to Introvert Retreat, I’d often do a Google search on ‘introvert’ to see if I could find something to blog about. One day my search led me to A Guide For The Introverted Blogger.

In his fascinating article, Micah Sparacio explained that introverts are often sensitive to criticism, which may cause us to hold back from blogging and to avoid controversial subjects when we do blog.

He then went on to discuss the positive attributes of introverts in terms of blogging:

Introverts usually bring a long term vision to their blogging. They tend to plan things out meticulously and speak only when they have something important to say.

Introverts tend to think twice before blogging an idea, and this can be a filter against junk.

Introverts also tend to offer positive feedback to other bloggers, something our community certainly needs more of.

I agree with all of these statements. I also think we have the advantage of enjoying writing and other tasks that allow us to work alone for chunks of time. I fell in love with blogging the first time I tried it.

Sparacio promised to devote future articles to overcoming introvert-specific roadblocks to blogging, but unfortunately, they don’t appear to have been published. Which got me thinking…

What introvert-specific roadblock to blogging have I run into?

My biggest obstacle is my reluctance to self-promote, which is surely an introvert thing. I always feel pushy if I share a new blog post several times, even though I know that not everyone will see it the first time. And for the longest time, I was so afraid of sounding salesy, that many of my regular readers didn’t even know that I offer Website Care Plans and Web Design!

Am I still struggling with this? If not, what did I do to overcome it?

I’m still hesitant when it comes to self-promotion, but I write much more about my business than I did in the past. Here are a few posts where my main goal was clearly to promote my services, but I did it in a way that was comfortable for me.

I tried to get on board with sharing my blog posts multiple times on social media, but I realized that very little of my traffic comes from social media, regardless of the amount of effort I put into it. I’d rather use my social media time to engage with other users than fill up their feeds with links they won’t click on. In other words, I just don’t sweat it anymore.

Are you an introverted blogger?

Please help me make up for Micah Sparacio’s missing follow-up articles by answering these questions in the comments:

What introvert-specific roadblock to blogging have you run into?

Are you still struggling with this? If not, what did you do to overcome it?

Your comments may help other introverted bloggers to get better results and enjoy the process more.

The Introvert Retreat blog is no longer online, but if you’d like to network with other introverts, join us in The Original Introvert Retreat Group!

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  1. Hazel Thornton on July 18, 2022 at 1:23 pm

    I’ll tell you what introverted-specific issue that blogging HELPS me with: Speaking up. Often, in a group, I find I have trouble getting a word in edgewise. I have things to say, but it just seems like too much trouble. And if I do speak up, yes, I risk being criticized. Or, later I think of what I SHOULD have said besides what I DID say. It’s hard to sum up a situation, or a position, in a soundbite! Often, even when someone hears what I say, they take it as a springboard for assuming other things I did not say (not always in a critical way, mostly just an inaccurate way). I don’t blog about (very many) controversial topics, but writing gives me the chance to really say what I want to say without interruption. It also helps me to get something off my mind if I find keep thinking about it (and think others might benefit from it). Or, if I keep getting asked the same organizing- or genealogy- or introversion-related question it gives me the chance to say it all once and then share it again when the opportunity arises.

    • Janet Barclay on July 19, 2022 at 8:49 am

      Hazel, thank you so much for your comment!

      My experience in group discussions is similar. Often, by the time there’s a lull, everyone has moved on to a different topic so it seems pointless to throw in my two cents worth. I’d never thought of this as one of the benefits of blogging! This has me wondering if that’s why I enjoy public speaking, even though I’m introverted. I always thought it was because I never feel like I’m intruding if people are coming to me, but maybe it’s simply the fact that I can talk without interruptions!

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